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Superb Work!

"Long story short; we popped off the plastic, yellow "tile" backsplash in our kitchen after ELEVEN years, during the time our "new" laminate "faux" granite counter was installed. The wall behinds the backsplash were a mess with a capital "M" - I wish I had a picture. We had decades of old mastic adhesive that was impossible to remove without damaging the plaster/lathe/horsehair wall behind it. We tried scraping, sanding, gouging, chiseling ect.......Impossible! On a whim, I googled Tom Martino's website, typed in "tile" and voila, found Mile High Master Tile; I recognized the 477 phone prefix as being in the 'hood" and gave the owner, Dan Weissleder a call. He came over within the hour and gave us a quote. He gave us a couple of "realistic" options for our old kitchen. My husband was impressed with his knowledge and experience. He gave us a quote that seemed reasonable. He told us how much tile to buy and said he would provide all other supplies. We booked him on the spot. Dan scheduled the job earlier than expected, which was a bonus, since we were waiting to put in the faucet after the tile. The job was over in 1/2 day. It went fast and was relatively painless, on our part. The quality of work was EXCELLENT. It makes our kitchen look 100 times better. A lot of detailed work on the tile and grouting; It looks very professional; much better than if I attempted it myself. Overall, Mile High Master Tile exceeded my expectations (I wish I could put this in BOLD FONT.) A very good experience. I would not hesitate to use Mile High Master Tile again (which we might do for the utility sink in the basement.) Later, I heard twice (once from the guy installing the counter, and another from the cashier at Home Deport, who does tile work on the side,) that our quote from MHMT was very reasonable and the going rate, which made me feel good as we did not get any other quotes. Dan's work is worth every penny."


Highly Recommend

Emily Rubin from Boulder, CO

Professional, courteous, quick, clean and not to mention fantastic and precise work! I will definitely use Mile High Master Tile again.


Excellent Work!

"We used Mile High Master Tile for our new home build out in the country. The house had over 2000 square feet of tile. Dan, Dorian, and Rubin were by far the best contractors we had on the project. They showed up early, skipped lunch, and worked late. They delivered an excellent job and finished in less time than expected. I wouldn't hesitate to call on these guys again. Not only did they prove to be superb contractors, they warmed our hearts as good people. There construction knowledge was very helpful and likely saved us thousands! They pointed out many faults in some other work that needed to be addressed. I trust these guys and highly recommend them."

Cattle Farmer



"We just completed a large remodel of our home, which entailed a lot of tile work. Our GC used Mile High Master Tile. Out of all of the sub contractors working on our home, MHMT was by far the best. They were professional, did very high quality work, and overall were very good guys. We had all types of tile installed like travertine, granite, glass, and some porcelain. They possessed the know how and were even helpful in creating a design for us. A pleasure to work with!

Very professional. Courteous and clean. They were conscious not to wear their dirty boots on our new hardwood flooring. They are artists and we are very pleased with their workmanship."






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Dan to the rescue!

"In my 8th month of pregnancy I called Dan from Mile High Master Tile in to inspect our tile-shower-installation-in-progress after some consultation with a seasoned ex-professional and some searching on the internet led me to believe that my current contractor was in over his head and that I needed to seek professional intervention. After a fair estimate and an initial assessment of the situation, Dan made every effort to salvage what he could from the previous contractor’s work, but every step of the way it became more evident that the magnitude of the situation was far worse than originally suspected. With a full demolition and re-do in order (significantly increasing the anticipated man-hours for completion), Dan rearranged his personal schedule to see the job through, dedicating himself to complete the work in a timely manner given the advanced state of my pregnancy. He worked with speed, skill, confidence and dedication and stood by his original quote as closely as possible (only charging for additional materials) when it would have been fair to charge us much more. The finished work is absolutely beautiful and I have the peace of mind knowing it was done properly. If anyone ever needs one, I know a GREAT tile guy!"

Alisha Arrigo from Erie, CO

Quality Work!

"Had them re-tile a bathroom. Great looking job. Guys were fast and didn't make a mess. Will use them again.
Pros:price, quality of work"



Great Job!

"Excellent craftsman,arrived and finished as promised. Would highly recommend.
Pros:Quality work, professional and added bonus good sense of humor.."


Very Satisfied!

"We hired Dan at Mile High Master Tile to put in some saltillo tile in a room in our house, which he finished several weeks ago. We are very pleased with his work. When he came by to give us an estimate he appeared knowledgeable and interested in doing the project. While working on the project he offered suggestions on things such as the tile finish (he thought glossy would look best but we originally wanted a matte finish). He showed us examples of both finishes and in the end we took his advice. The floor looks great! He did a really good job and made sure it was finished to our satisfaction."


Two Thumbs Up!

"Dan at Mile High Master Tile remodeled my master bath at my home in Boulder. He and his partner did an exquisite job. Very professional and our bath looks wonderful. I would recommend Dan for not just tile work, but for a complete remodel solution. Not only was the work great and priced right, he was able to provide all materials at discount prices."



Couldt be more satisfied!

"Tile master, dan and his crew, are very talented, capable, curteous, careful, and clean. I especially appreciated Dan's input for suggested tile products and style. So many construction experiences can be marginal, not so with Mile High."

Carol Frank from Denver, CO

Exceptional Work

"Dan of Mile High Master Tile transformed our dull kitchen into show home kitchen by installing Granite Tile Countertop and backsplahes. His work is exception and he was great to work with. He made suggestions on how to make the tile look best...and he was right. We are delighted with his work and when we need tile or granite work...Dan is our man."

Patricia of Highlands Ranch


Mile High Master Tile

Expert Tile and Remodel Contractors 

Serving Boulder, Denver, Golden, Evergreen, Littleton and surrounding areas

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